Foscarini Lighting

Foscarini red logo

Light defines space, makes colours vibrate, and gives shape to objects and a voice to emotions.  It is our main way to recognise the world we inhabit.

Foscarini interprets this vibration emanating from energy as an exciting challenge, a stimulus to research and innovate unceasingly, with no mental or physical barriers. Every Foscarini model corresponds to a different initial inspiration, often expressed by the product name itself and is the result of the fusion between experience, flexibility and the quality of a company respected worldwide, backed by the creativity of the great masters and the up and coming young talents of international design.

This is a journey where materials, technology, processes and form itself are not merely an end but the means to satisfy new requirements as they arise, and transmit sensations never before experienced.  This is precisely why Foscarini lamps are each an individual creation. And this is precisely why Foscarini is such a unique reality in the panorama of the lighting world.

    Spokes suspension light
    Rituals suspension lighting
    Tress pendant by Foscarini
    Twiggy Floor
    Twiggy Lettura Terra reading light
    Lumiere table light
    Le Soleil suspension
    Esa table light from Foscarini
    Caboche pendant by Foscarini