Arper Contract Furniture

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Arper are manufactures of chairs and tables for office and home office use. Their award-winning designs are available in an abundance of finishes and colours.

Working or relaxing, eating or shopping, waiting for a flight or visiting an exhibition, meeting up with people or daydreaming, lost in thought. Every minute of the day, in all sorts of settings and all sorts of places all over the world, you’ll find a light yet luxurious presence that is versatile and stylish, sophisticated and natural.

That presence is Arper Contract Furniture. Seating and tables that express a profound feeling for design and a very real concern for the environment – all with the utmost simplicity and immediacy. A quest for beauty, functionally and well-being that reaches beyond the products and the spaces surrounding them to encompass your body, heart and intellect. A discreet, distinguished and highly distinctive mark of quality and modernity in the world and in life.

    Arper Duna tables
    Arper Loop seating system
    Arper Saari seating system
    The Norma chair from Arper
    Duna chairs from Arper
    Catifa 60 office chairs by Arper
    Catifa 53 office chair from Arper
    Catifa 46 chair from Arper