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Volum pendant lighting

Volum pendant lighting

Volum is designed to fill a space with a 360-degree illumination,  glowing uniformly in all directions providing a calming and coherent radiance.


Seamless and understated, each Volum globe sees the diffuser and frame appear as a single form. To achieve this level of superb cleanliness, the upper part of the glass has designed so that it can be closed with a translucent methacrylate lid that “seals” the lamp. While the lid conceals a metal part attached to the diffuser and the frame that houses the light source, the only exposed element on the outside is a small opening that allows the cable in and helps balance the globe.


Volum is completed with a glossy white finish that is bold yet traditional, offering a decorative touch thanks to the reflections on the surface. The lids have been moulded with a special methacrylate that performs almost identically to glass when turned off and illuminated.


The four blown glass spheres measure 14, 22, 29 and 42 cm in diameter. With a single transparent hanging power cable, the three smaller lamps can be hung individually, as well as in a cluster on a canopy to make unique compositions. The cable is transparent so as not to add to the formal purity of the collection

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